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ISA certified Arborist

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Enhance beauty and life

You can keep your trees and shrubs alive for much longer, while also keeping them looking great.


Pruning and trimming is the proper way to care for your trees and shrubs.

Let the expert arborist at Steve's Tree-Services take care of your tree, bush, and shrub trimming and planting needs.


Office: 718-987-4591

Cell: 646-236-4491

Do you have trees near your home?

If you have trees near your home, they can provide shade, decreasing your energy bills but they can also cause damage to your home if they are not properly trimmed. During storms, branches can fall or hit your home. Prevent that from happening by keeping them trimmed.

Your trees can last much longer and look much better if you keep them properly trimmed and pruned.

Trimming and pruning

Pruning your trees will also keep dead branches from damaging your home.

 •  Directional pruning

 •  Full pruning

 •  Shrubs and brushes

 •  Dead wooding

 •  Maintain the beauty

 •  Quick, clean service

 •  Qualified professionals

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